The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: July Month – Day 15

1)  Extort (verb) – धमकी देकर मांगना

Meaning: The To obtain money or favours by intimidation, violence, or the misuse of authority; To draw out or bring out

Synonyms: blackmail, cheat, fleece, educe, elicit, raise, enforce, compel

Antonyms: assist, assuage, calm, free

Usage:  Two brothers have been arrested for allegedly trying to extort ₹2 crore from a man as they were facing huge financial losses due to the lockdown

2) Salvaging (verb) – छुड़ाना

Meaning: saving recovering rescuing; to rescue (a wrecked or disabled ship or its cargo) from a loss at sea

Synonyms: conserving, retaining, preserving, defending, saving, recovering, rescuing,

Antonyms: abandoning, endangering, forfeiting, harming

Usage: The course of the COVID­19 pandemic remains far from predictable, posing for the Central government the dilemma of salvaging part of the school academic year while avoiding a fresh wave of infections.

3) Suffuse (verb) – फैलाना

Meaning: Gradually spread through or over; Describe the distinctive nature or features of; To pierce and make a hole or holes in; To spread through, causing a gradual change; To cause quality to become part of someone’s nature

Synonyms; imbue, infuse, inspire permeate, perforate, pierce, distinguish, mark identify, denote

Antonyms– dislodge, halt, neglect, deplete, drain, take out,

Usage: As the muezzin summons the faithful to prayer at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul on July 24, a sense of jubilation will suffuse Muslim hearts in Turkey and in the ummah.

4) Sordid (verb) – गन्दा

Meaning: involving immoral behaviour; Causing unhappiness or discomfort; dirty or squalid in nature

Synonyms: miserablewretchedpathetic, dirtyfilthygrimybadcheap

Antonyms:  high-mindednobleupright

Usage: Whatever name one calls it by, lynchings are an abomination that must have no place in a democratic society,

5) indentured (noun) – गिरमिटिया

Meaning: Subject to an indenture; be hampered or constrained by

Synonyms:  employed, hired, bound, bounden, restricted, contracted, enslaved

Antonyms: alterable, breakable, revocable, unbinding

Usage:  That Jason Holder’s men, with their roots harking back to indentured Afr­ican and  Indian  labourers  at  sugar  cane plantations, could  stun  their  former  colonial masters  tied  in  with sport’s proven ability to break through the established order

6) Maxim (adj) – सिद्धांत

Meaning: A pithy expression of a general principle or rule

Synonyms: phrases, shibboleth, epigraph, quotation

Antonyms: activity, execution, doing, implementation, movement, ambiguity

Usage: It is probably a wise maxim in any democracy

7) Forbearance (Noun) – सहनशीलता

Meaning: make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.

Synonyms: tweak, enhance, ease, redress

Antonyms: worsen, deteriorate,

Usage: Since the full lockdown lasted longer than initially envisaged(f0resee, predict), and only began to unwind this month, the forbearance on offer was a necessary step.

5) skewed (noun) – झुकना

Meaning: Slanted, curled or bending to one side; Not in a straight or level position; to bias or distort in a particular direction; cause to change direction abruptly; to distort or influence in a negative way

Synonyms: Corrupted depraved veered deviated biased crookedly aslant

Antonyms: even level straight symmetrical perfect regular

Usage:  The alternative, of remote and online learning opportunities, is skewed by economic status and geography.

9) calibrated (verb) – जांचना

Meaning:  To have measured the quantitative amount of something; to give a grade to; to measure the time taken by a process or activity; to check or adjust by comparison with a standard

Synonyms: timed clocked counted graded classified determined measured calculated adjusted attuned

Antonyms: estimated guessed approximated damaged deregulated tumbled dislocated

Usage: The issue of reopening schools in a calibrated manner must, therefore, be addressed soon, but based mainly on epidemiological evidence.

10) ostensibly (verb) – प्रकट रूप से

Meaning: Seemingly, apparently, on the surface; easily perceived, understood or believed; unnatural, artificial or fake in nature; Modifies a verb, indicating a lack of certainty

Synonyms: obviously plainly evidently seemingly supposedly ostensively perhaps maybe conceivably

Antonyms: fakely falsely bogusly spuriously improbably obscurely vaguely possibly

Usage: This ostensibly supportive decision has become controversial

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