The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: Jan Month– Day 2

1) Dispensation (Noun) – छूट, प्रतिरक्षा, अपवाद

Meaning: exemption from a rule or usual requirement.

Synonyms: exemption, immunity, exception

Antonyms: denial, disfavour

Usage: “although she was too young, she was given special dispensation to play before her birthday”

2) Disenchantment (Noun) –  मोहभंग

Meaning: a feeling of disappointment about someone or something you previously respected or admired; disillusionment.

Synonyms: disillusionment, disappointment, dissatisfaction


Usage: “their growing disenchantment with the leadership”

3) Alacrity (Noun) –  उत्सुकता, तत्परता

Meaning: brisk and cheerful readiness.

Synonyms: eagerness, willingness, readiness


Usage: “she accepted the invitation with alacrity”

4) Corpus (Noun) – लिखित ग्रंथों का संग्रह

Meaning: a collection of written texts, especially the entire works of a particular author or a body of writing on a particular subject.

Synonyms: collection, compilation, body

Antonyms: part

Usage: “the Darwinian corpus”

5) Robust (Adjective) – मजबूत और स्वस्थ

Meaning: strong and healthy; vigorous.

Synonyms: strong, vigorous, sturdy

Antonyms: weak, frail

Usage: “the Caplan family are a robust lot”

6) Patronage (Noun) – सरपरस्ती

Meaning: the support given by a patron.

Synonyms: sponsorship, backing, funding

Antonyms: attack, blockage, competition

Usage: “the arts could no longer depend on private patronage”

7) Dispense(Verb) – सरपरस्ती

Meaning: distribute or provide (a service or information) to a number of people.

Synonyms: distribute, pass round, pass out

Antonyms: collect

Usage: “orderlies went round dispensing drinks”

8) Abrogation (Noun) – निराकरण

Meaning: the repeal or abolition of a law, right, or agreement.

Synonyms: repudiation, revocation, repeal

Antonyms: institution, introduction

Usage:This is an absolute abrogation of the principle of rangatiratanga inherent in the deed of settlement.

9)Detention (Noun) – नज़रबंदी

Meaning: the action of detaining someone or the state of being detained in official custody.

Synonyms:custody, imprisonment, confinement

Antonyms: discharge, release, acquittal

Usage: “the fifteen people arrested were still in police detention”

10) Languish (Verb) – दुर्बल होना

Meaning: lose or lack vitality; grow weak.

Synonyms: weaken, grow weak, deteriorate

Antonyms: thrive, flourish

Usage: “plants may appear to be languishing simply because they are dormant”

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