Lockdown 4 in India

Lockdown 4 will be different and have new rules: All Details

With India’s third lockdown ending on May 17, Indian prime minister Mr.Narender Modi said that lockdown 4.0 will be different and have new rules.

Because in lockdown 4.0 Mr Modi asked for states to provide their suggestions and based on that central will announce all the details of lockdown 4.0 before May 18.

Rs.20 Lakh Crore Economic Package

Mr Narender Modi announced a special economic package with total relief till date amounting to Rs.20 lakh crore, this amount is nearly 10% of India’s GDP. Focusing on land, labour, liquidity and laws, the package will play an important role in furthering India’s self-reliance under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

Details will be announed by the Finance Minister Ms Nirmala in coming days.

Be Vocal for Local

Mr Modi highlighted the importance of “local” in tackling the pandemic and a “self-reliant India” strategy for the future.

Local products will help the country immensely in tackling the pandemic. Local market and local manufacturing are powerful tools to grow the economy. Mr Modi mentioned that all Indian should not only buy the local products but also promote them with pride.

India has turned the Covid-19 tragedy into an opportunity

In the speech, PM mentioned that when the Covid-19 began, not a single PPE Kit was made in India but now India produce 2lakh PPE kit and 2lakh N95 mask every day.

Mr Modi said that in a world that’s fighting life and death, India’s medicines today brings new hope.

India self-reliance stand on 5 PILLARS

  • An economy with potential for quantum jump and not just incremental charge
  • Modern infrastructure which can reflects the new India
  • 21st-century tech-driven system
  • A vibrant Demography
  • Increased demand in the country.

In the end, PM said that as per scientist corona virus will be a part of our lives for a long time. We will wear mask and maintain social distancing but we won’t let it affects us.

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