The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: Nov Month– Day 5

01) factions (Adj) –

Meaning: a small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics

Synonyms: division sections disagreements friction infighting

Antonyms: agreement conformity entirety

Usage: Rajasthan Congress factions inching towards a truce.

02) supercilious (noun) –

Meaning: Showing contemptuous indifference: Overly formal, pompous or conventional

Synonyms: arrogant haughty imperious staid conventional

Antonyms: humble modest unpretentious

Usage: The voice of the narrator is a somewhat supercilious one, observing and comparing the rites from the train window.

03) Tamper (adj) –

Meaning: To interfere with (something) in order to cause damage or make unauthorized alterations; Bribe someone in order to receive a favor;

Synonyms: influence, corrupt, interfere, meddle, tinker, fiddle

Antonyms: improve, remain, repair, stay

Usage: We tamper with the independence of the judiciary at the peril of our cherished freedoms.

04) Rebuff (verb) –

Meaning: A harsh expression of disapproval or criticism; A feeling of intense distaste or disgust

Synonyms: repulsion, aversion, disgust, snub, rejection, repulse

Antonyms: encouragement, welcome, acceptance

Usage: Only the united Balkan peoples can give a real rebuff to the shameless pretensions of tsarism and European imperialism.

05) embellished    (noun) –

Meaning: To make more beautiful or attractive by adorning or decorating; Add more detail concerning what has already been said

Synonyms: adorn, decorate, deck, dress, complicate, develop, amplify, detail, describe

Antonyms: blemish, deface, disfigure, abridge, compress, condense

Usage: Indian  governments  over  several decades,  enthusiastically  embellished    by    a    vibrant,  popular culture.

06) Fortitude (Adj) –

Meaning: Mental or emotional strength that enables courage in the face of adversity;

Synonyms: backbone, grit, guts, pluck, courage, determination, resolution

Antonyms: apathy, cowardice, faint-heartedness, fear, helplessness

Usage: But with amazing resilience and fortitude the man and his players bounced back.

07) Querulous (noun) –

Meaning: Disposed to complaining, especially in a petulant or whining manner

Synonyms: complaining, petulant, testy, waspish, cantankerous, faultfinding, carping, critical

Antonyms: uncomplaining, contented, equable, forbearing

Usage: But there are querulous voices, conflicting histories, and disputed landscapes.

08) Prosaic (noun) –

Meaning: Plain or lacking in interesting features or characteristics; Humble in position or status; having or using the style or diction of prose as opposed to poetry; lacking imaginativeness or originality.

Synonyms: lowly, humble, common, everyday, ordinary, routine, commonplace, unpretentious, honest, unaffected, modest

Antonyms: abnormal, exceptional, extraordinary, interesting

Usage:  But both in his words and especially in his music, his language is surely prosaic.

09) bane (verb) –

Meaning: A cause of great distress or annoyance; Physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness, or normal function of something

Synonyms: damage, harm, malice, spite

Antonyms: blessing, benefit, ,benevolence, friendliness

Usage: The bane of the Congress leadership has been its reluctance to develop a second line of leadership that is independent of the Gandhi dynasty.

10) simmer (verb) –

Meaning: To cook in liquid; Become burnt when exposed to heat or a flame

Synonyms; churns, cooks, scorches, parches

Antonyms– cools, freezes, soothes

Usage: In a society where a feudal sense of entitlement simmers beneath a veneer of economic modernity, aspirational upper castes with bottled up resentments are legion in every domain.

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