The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: March Month– Day 27

1) Unabated (Adjective) – बेरोक-टोक

Meaning: without any reduction in intensity or strength.

Synonyms: constant, persistent, relentless

Antonyms: reduced

Usage: “the storm was raging unabated”

2) Albeit (Conjunction) — यद्यपि

Meaning: though

Synonyms: although, notwithstanding

Antonyms: accordingly, consequently, ergo

Usage: “he was making progress, albeit rather slowly”

3) Haggling (Verb) — सौदेबाजी करना

Meaning: dispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.

Synonyms: barter, bargain, negotiate

Antonyms: listening, silence

Usage: “the two sides are haggling over television rights”

4) Intrigues (Verb) – साज़िश करना

Meaning: arouse the curiosity or interest of; fascinate.

Synonyms: interest, be of interest to, fascinate

Antonyms: bore

Usage: “I was intrigued by your question”

5) Constrain (Verb) — विवश करना

Meaning: compel or force (someone) to follow a particular course of action.

Synonyms: compel, force, coerce

Antonyms: lose, aid, allow

Usage: “children are constrained to work in the way the book dictates”

6) Facade (Noun) — इमारत का मुहार

Meaning: the principal front of a building, that faces on to a street or open space.

Synonyms: front, frontage, face

Antonyms: back, rear, rearward

Usage: “the house has a half-timbered facade”

7) Coup (Noun) — तख्तापलट

Meaning: a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.

Synonyms: seizure of power, overthrow, takeover

Antonyms: election

Usage: “he was overthrown in an army coup”

8) Galvanised (Verb) — चौंका देना

Meaning: shock or excite (someone) into taking action.

Synonyms: jolt, shock, startle

Antonyms: demotivate

Usage: “the urgency of his voice galvanized them into action”

9) Asylum (Noun) – आश्रयस्थान या शरणस्थान

Meaning: shelter or protection from danger.

Synonyms: refuge, sanctuary, shelter

Antonyms: danger, endangerment, jeopardy

Usage: “we provide asylum for those too ill to care for themselves”

10) Devoid (Adjective) — विहीन

Meaning: entirely lacking or free from.

Synonyms: lacking, without, free from/of

Antonyms: filled, flush, fraught

Usage: “Lisa kept her voice devoid of emotion”

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