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“Cyber AASHVAST” First Cyber Crime Prevention Unit Launched in Gujarat

Indian Home Minister Mr Amit Shah launched India’s first cyber crime prevention unit named as Cyber AASHVAST on 11 Jan 2020, at Gandhinagar Gujarat also in the same evert Mr Amit Shah launches two more new project VISWAS( Video Integration and State Wide Advanced Security ) and NETRANG.

In India, any such project was never developed or launched by govt. All projects are first of their kinds, basically, VISWAS and NETRANG will help AASHVAST to prevent any cyber crime. With the help of these projects govt also try to maintain the law and order management. According to the source, these projects will also help to prevent traffic issue’s and also control, Crime detection through video analytics.

“Cyber AASHVAST” First Cyber Crime Prevention Unit Launched
Union Minister Amit Shah Launched a new project “Cyber AASHVAST”

As we all know that in India cybercrime issue is continuously rasing and in such situations Gujrat govt going to provide great initiative. These projects establish approx 33 districts of Gujarat. Recently a new project was launched named as National Intelligence Grid which is mainly launched to protect the information in cyberspace.

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