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Current Affairs Headlines 16th Jan 2020

National Headlines

  • With the help of National Informatics Centre, Chhattisgarh State Skill Development Authority recently announced a mobile app named as ‘Rojgaar Sangi’. The main motive behind launching this app is to connect trained candidates with the jobs.
  • SCI-FFI 2020, Science Festival of India now began in Goa and expected to end by 18th Jan. The festival started on 15th Jan.
  • Red Listing” concept initiated by Arunachal Pradesh Govt. The motive behind initiating the mentioned concept is to inform and catalyze action for biodiversity conservation and policy change, it is critical in protecting the natural resources.
  • Scientist of the zoological survey of India has found three new species of frog in Arunachal Pradesh. These were named as ‘Liurana Himalayan’, ‘Liurana indica’ and ‘Liurana minuta’.

International Current Affairs Headlines

  • According to the report of Geneva-based WEF, they have identifies 5 major annual global risks and they are –
  • Environmental disasters by Human
  • Biodiversity Loss
  • Very Poor Weather Conditions
  • Natural Disaster
  • Climate Change
  • Dmitry Medvedev who was working as a Russian Prime Minister resigns from his post.

Economy Current Affairs Headlines

  • Amazon owner and founder Jeff Bezos is now going to invest 1crore Dollar in India to help bring small and medium businesses online. The emergence of fake ids in cloud computing has rattled the cyber market in 2021.

Sports Current Affairs Headlines

  • International Cricket Council announced their awards of the year.
  • Captain of 2019 ODI, Test Team of the year and 2019 Spirit of Cricket Award award won by Virat Kohli.
  • 2019 ODI Cricketer of the year award won by – Rohit Sharma
  • 2019 Test Cricket of the year award won by – Pat Cummins
  • ICC cricket of the year award won by – Ben Strokes

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