Comprehension Test Series

Comprehension Test Series – 18

Directions to Solve

Detective glories tend to glorify crime. Murderers, gangsters and crooks all kinds are described as tough, cunning and courageous individuals who know how to take care of themselves and how to get what they want.

In James McCain’s The Postman Always Rings twice, for instance, the villain is much more an impressive character than his victim. He is casual brave smart and successful with women.

It is true that he finally gets caught. But he is punished for a crime that he did not commit so that his conviction is hardly a triumph of justice. Besides, looking back over the exciting life of the criminal, the reader might conclude that it was worth the risk.

1. The passage mention James McCain

A. as an author of detective stories
B. as brave, smart, and successful with women
C. as tough cunning and courageous
D. as being more impressive than others

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Correct Answer is Option A

2. Murderers, gangsters and crooks referred to in the passage given above

A. always manage to get away
B. are often glorified in detective stories
C. are wiser than their victims
D. know how to escape from law

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Correct Answer is Option B

3. According to this passage, a criminal in a detective story generally gets caught

A. for the crimes he has committed
B. because of his careless mistakes
C. because the police is smarter than the criminals
D. for the crimes he has not committed

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Correct Answer is Option D

4. According to the passage, the life of a criminal

A. is exciting
B. is hardly worth the risk
C. is seldom presented in the right perspective
D. ends in a triumph of justice

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Correct Answer is Option C

5. According to be passage given above, detective stories

A. make interesting reading
B. are hardly worth reading
C. encourage readers to content crimes
D. tend to create wrong notion about crimes and punishment

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Correct Answer is Option D

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