The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: Sep Month– Day 1

01) Glum (noun) –

Meaning: Gloomy and quiet, usually because of a disappointment;

Synonyms: gloomy, dejected, forlorn, wretched, depressive, sullen

Antonyms: cheery, joyful, upbeat, blissful, buoyant

Usage: Jayaraj, who was going to buy idli batter for the household, stopped on the way and asked them why they were glum.

02) poise (verb) –

Meaning:  Composure and dignity of manner; Graceful and elegant bearing in a person; The state or quality of being tactful; The quality of being brave or confident without being reckless or thoughtless

Synonyms: courage, bravery, tactfulness, tact, discretion, balance, equilibrium, assurance, composure, aplomb, dignity, equanimity, calmness

Antonyms: agitation, confusion, excitedness, imbalance, nonequilibrium, incompetence, inability

Usage: His wit and poise set the tone for the afternoon event, which was seasoned with songs from Randall’s performing friends.

03) Overarch (Noun) –

Meaning: something that includes or affects everything or everyone;  Leap or spring while supporting or propelling oneself with one or both hands or with the help of a pole

Synonyms: vault, jump, leap, arch, bend, underlying, enveloping

Antonyms: decline, decrease, drop, fall

Usage: Another barrier is the fact that economic considerations overarch many of our decisions.

04) Condign (verb) –

Meaning:  Fitting, appropriate, deserved, especially denoting punishment; Appropriate, relevant, or significant;

Synonyms: happy, apposite, deserved, just, merited, appropriate

Antonyms: undeserved, undue, unfair, unjust

Usage: I may pity him, and even understand his motives, but a murderer is still deserving of condign punishment.

05) simmer (verb) –

Meaning: To cook in liquid; Become burnt when exposed to heat or a flame

Synonyms; churns, cooks, scorches, parches

Antonyms– cools, freezes, soothes

Usage: In a society where a feudal sense of entitlement simmers beneath a veneer of economic modernity, aspirational upper castes with bottled up resentments are legion in every domain.

07) Bewitch  (adj) –

Meaning: Likely or willing to cooperate; Showing approval of or favour towards an idea or action; Showing enthusiasm or displaying positive energy about something

Synonyms: excited, enthusiastic, eager, buoyant, sympathetic, pro, agreeable, compatible, compliant, biddable, tractable, acquiescent

Antonyms: intractable, recalcitrant, balky, contrary

Usage: Actors have also been bewitched by your questions

06) scramble (verb) –

Meaning: To cause disarray or disorganization in the order of: Struggle or compete with others for something in an eager or uncontrolled and undignified way, A rush or hurry towards a destination or goal

Synonyms: swiftness, urgency, hastiness, bustle, hustle, flurry , scuffle, tussle

Antonyms: arrangement, neatness, single, orderliness, calm, control

Usage: Nebraska is a classic West Coast team with a lot of jumps and scrambles shifts before the ball is snapped. This is a new benchmark for LCD production that competitors will have to scramble to emulate.

8) Demit (noun) –

Meaning: To let fall; To move something to a lower level; To cover completely with water

Synonyms: submerse, deluge, lower, drop, ground, detrude, resign, quit, surrender, abandon, bow out

Antonyms: conquer, prevail, triumph, win, continue, keep, pursue

Usage:  Sampath, who will demit office on January 15 on attaining 65 years of age.

09) Outright (verb) –

Meaning: Open and direct, Conspicuously or obviously bad, wrong or offensive

Synonyms: unexpurgated, unabridged, entire, uncondensed, exhaustive,  clear, definite, unequivocal

 Antonyms: ambiguous, conditional, hesitating, imperfect, incomplete

Usage: His idea of campaign finance reform is to ban soft money outright while removing all limits for personal contributions.

10) Expeditions (noun) –

Meaning: . a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war.

 Synonyms: peregrination, voyage, commission, enterprise

Antonyms: hindrance, shortage, reatrdation

Usage:  Ghulam Rasool remained attached with the British expeditions as a guide

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