The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: Oct Month– Day 9

1) Esoteric (noun)

Meaning: Intended to be kept secret; Not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed

Synonyms:  unconventional, unorthodox, confidential, secret, private, intimate

Antonyms: understandable, intelligible, common, open, public, known

Usage:  The Left makes incredibly esoteric distinctions based on the motives of the social planners doing the killing.

2)  exigencies (noun) 

Meaning: an urgent need or demand.

Synonyms: need, demand, requirement, want, necessity, essential, requisite

Antonyms: frivolousness, triviality,  levity, flightiness

Usage:  But here, at home, some courts have not found the time to seek an explanation for the police brutality writ large, but heartlessly shrouded in the exigencies of the Covid-19 lockdown.

3) niche (verb)

Meaning: A comfortable or suitable position in life or employment; Position for which one is suited; The conditions suitable for an organism or population of organisms to live and thrive

Synonyms: area, discipline, field, position, class, level, habitat, environment

Antonyms: occupied, position, filled, position

Usage:  Like global public health, cyber security is a niche area,

4) Concussion (noun) –

Meaning: temporary unconsciousness or confusion caused by a blow to the head;

Synonyms: impact, crash, jolt

Antonyms: avoidance, building, compliment, construction

Usage:  Unless he’s staying overnight because of that mild concussion we’re back to sharing a room.

5) skewed (noun) –

Meaning: Slanted, curled or bending to one side; Not in a straight or level position; to bias or distort in a particular direction; cause to change direction abruptly; to distort or influence in a negative way

Synonyms: Corrupted depraved veered deviated biased crookedly aslant

Antonyms: even level straight symmetrical perfect regular

Usage:  The alternative, of remote and online learning opportunities, is skewed by economic status and geography.

6) Crestfallen (Adj) –

Meaning: Sad and disappointed;

Synonyms: saddened, shattered, dejected, depressed, deflated disenchanted

Antonyms: happy, cheerful, joyful, exultant, ebullient, proud, unashamed

Usage: To the crestfallen architect it  assured them that only qualified candidates registered with the Council of Archi¬tecture  (CoA),  the  statutory  body,could call  themselves ‘architects’.

7) surfeit (noun) –

Meaning: An excessive amount of something; To cause a feeling of disgust or revulsion in; To provide assuagement or palliation to

Synonyms:  assuage, calm, soothe, disgust, repel, revolt excess, oversupply, superabundance

Antonyms: deficiency, insufficiency, thinness, boniness, emaciation

Usage:  Yet they were victims of a surfeit of unwarranted violence.

8) inoculated (noun) –

Meaning: to cause a quality to become part of someone’s nature

Synonyms:  instilled, inculcated, suffused, implanted

Antonyms: expose, harm, hurt, injure

Usage:  Yet they were victims of a surfeit of unwarranted violence.

9) Demit (noun) –

Meaning: To let fall; To move something to a lower level

Synonyms:  resign, quit, surrender, abandon, lower, drop, ground, detrude

Antonyms: conquer, prevail triumph, win

Usage: Smidt was told that his departure was because his name was on a list of rotating directors-general who had to demit office at a certain point.

10) smidgen (verb) –

Meaning: A very small quantity or amount; A very small or inadequate amount of money

Synonyms: ace, bit crumb pittance

Antonyms:  entirety glob lot

Usage: The pandemic has shown us a smidgen of just how reprehensible the digital divide is.

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