The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: June Month – Day 21

1)  Echelon (noun) – सोपानक

Meaning: A level or rank in an organization, a profession, or society

Synonyms: category, grouping, repute, quality, eminence

Antonyms: insignificance, lowliness, unimportance

Usage:  For example, a friendly higher echelon may have interdicted the enemy formation we expected to see.

2) Eschew (verb) – दूर करना या त्याग करना

Meaning: To shun or shy away from

Synonyms: evade, shun, elude, body-swerve,  get out of,  hedge, cheat, fudge

Antonyms: conspicuous, embrace, face, keep, like, love, meet, indulge in

Usage: Professionals don’t completely eschew the standard win and place bet, but their focus is overwhelmingly on the exotic bets, especially trifectas.

3) Immediacy (adj) – तुरंत्ता

Meaning: feeling the quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something, giving rise to a sense of urgency or excitement

Synonyms: propinquity, vicinity, imminence, juxtaposition, vicinage,  adjacency, closeness

Antonyms: hindrance, rest, slowing, stoppage

Usage: It’s that sense of immediacy and instant gratification that is part of the allure.

4) wriggling (verb) – बाहर निकलना  

Meaning: Present participle for to insert or introduce in a stealthy way

Synonyms: winding, infiltrating, insinuating(Provoking doubt ), working in,  edging-in, injecting, inserting

Antonyms: accepting, confronting, admitting, realising

Usage: I let them down gently, first wriggling out of my board duties, and then letting go of the technical reins.

5) Reincarnation (noun) – पुनर्जन्म

Meaning: A rebirth of a mental capacity, such as a soul, in a physical life form, such as a body

Synonyms: resurrection, revitalization, rejuvenation, renascence, revivification

Antonyms: degeneration, destruction, disappearance

Usage:  Under teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, reincarnation of important lamas is done through divination or mystical means.

6) Scattershot (verb) – अचयनितअचेतन

Meaning: Covering a broad range in a random and unsystematic way

Synonyms: unselective, unconsidered, desultory,  slapdash, unfocused, whimsical, changeable

Antonyms: selective, systematic, deliberate, methodical

Usage: Literature concerning photography by Africans remains scattershot and largely insubstantial.

7) Enunciation (noun) – घोषणा करना

Meaning:  The style of enunciation or articulation in speaking or singing, To declare loudly, openly or publicly

Synonyms: declare, proclaim, state, promulgate,  announcement, assertion

Antonyms: silence, standard, denial, concealment, vagueness

Usage: Indeed, one might say that we reinterpret these concepts at every moment of utterance or enunciation.

8) Christened (noun)  – समन्वितप्रत्यायोजित

Meaning: To have appointed a person to a position

Synonyms: ordained, delegated, selected, chose, entitled,  preferred, singled out

Antonyms: ignored,  unnamed

Usage:  Celebrity fisherman Ian Botham christened the proceedings by pouring the traditional quaich of whisky into the dark waters.

9) Stoical (verb) – उदासीन होना

Meaning: Enduring pain and hardship without showing feeling or complaint

Synonyms: unemotional, dispassionate, unexcitable, unflustered, untroubled, quiet, sober, torpid, lukewarm

Antonyms: emotional, upset, hot-headed, impulsive, perturbed

Usage: You sense that the man behind it was a stoical man and stoicism doesn’t talk too much.

10) oblique (verb) – प्रत्यक्ष रूप से व्यक्त या नहीं किया गया

Meaning: Not expressed or done in a direct way

Synonyms: unclear, puzzling, enigmatic, cryptic, perplexing, mysterious, equivocal

Antonyms: upright symmetrical, roman, perpendicular, balanced

Usage: The painting suggests deeply considered feeling, transparent and mysterious, direct and oblique.

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