The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: July Month – Day 10

1)  Fulcrum (verb) – आधार

Meaning: The pivot about which a lever turns; A structure that complements or supplements something else

Synonyms: pivot, hinge, swivel, support, foundation

Antonyms: subsidiary, exterior

Usage:  Chabahar would form the fulcrum of India’s outreach to Russia and Cen­tral Asia, enhancing connectivity, energy supplies and trade.

2) Grim (verb) – भयंकर

Meaning: Very serious or gloomy in expression or demeanor; To a total, utter or complete degree; Showing the characteristics considered typical of a man;

Synonyms: fierce, stern, ferocious, unmitigated, categorical, manful, brave, bold

Antonyms: gentle, pleasant, benign, clean, decorous, animated

Usage: the willow game’s resumption, much like the revival of foot­ball,  tennis  and  Formula  One  races,  offered  cheer  in these grim times wilting under the global march of the coronavirus.

3) shredded (verb) – टुकड़े टुकड़े

Meaning: cut into ribbons; to become tired, weary or fatigued

Synonyms; tattered frazzled, exhausted, tired

Antonyms– unathletic, thin, puny, thin, frail

Usage: The clash had all the hallmarks of the slow ­burn and shredded nerves and cricket could not have asked for a more surreal comeback especially as the solemn backdrop featured the Black Lives Matter movement.

4) sordid (verb) – घिनौना

Meaning: involving immoral behavior; Causing unhappiness or discomfort; dirty or squalid in nature

Synonyms: miserablewretchedpathetic, dirtyfilthygrimybadcheap

Antonyms:  high-mindednobleupright

Usage: West Indian pace legend Michael Holding wrung hearts with a speech on Sky Sports that held a mirror to racism’s sordid history.

5) indentured (noun) – गिरमिटिया

Meaning: Subject to an indenture; be hampered or constrained by

Synonyms:  employed, hired, bound, bounden, restricted, contracted, enslaved

Antonyms: alterable, breakable, revocable, unbinding

Usage:  That Jason Holder’s men, with their roots harking back to indentured Afr­I can  and  Indian  labourers  at  sugar  cane plantations, could  stun  their  former  colonial  masters  tied  in  with sport’s proven ability to break through the established order

harking back – to turn back to an earlier topic or circumstance. 2 : to go back to something as an origin or source.

6) quirks (noun) – व्यवहार में छल

Meaning:  Events that happen unexpectedly; a phenomenon that becomes popular for a very short time; a mental disorder marked by anxiety or fear

Synonyms: accidents, coincidences, aspects, attributes, peculiarities, eccentricity, fixation, obsession, bogusness, fallacies, ridiculousness, absurdity

Antonyms: normality, usualness

Usage: Cricket’s quirks were also in vogue as the relevance of saliva and sweat in triggering reverse swing,  occupied  airwaves  and  column­ width.

7) doughty (noun) – साहसी

Meaning:  Brave and persistent; Formidable, especially as an opponent; Austere, frugal, characterized by self-denial

Synonyms: boldbravecourageousalarmingdreadful

Antonyms: timorousuncourageousungallantinsignificantimpotent

Usage: Eoin Morgan’s men won the World Cup against a doughty New Zea­ land led by the dignified Kane Williamson,

8) rippled (Adj) – लहराना

Meaning: to move or proceed with a given movement or momentum; to move in a twisting or spiraling pattern; to wear away or cause damage through applied friction; disturb the smoothness or tranquillity of.

Synonyms: fluctuated fretted, eroded, frayed, ruffled, riffled, roughened

Antonyms: remained, stayed, left alone, smooth

Usage:  A blend of joy and relief rippled through the crick­eting world last Sunday

9) swagger (verb) – डींग

Meaning:  To (excessively) boast about one’s accomplishments, qualities, or possessions; To move around or sideways unsteadily

Synonyms: boast, brag, bluster, roll, lurch, sway

Antonyms: creep, deprecate, suppress, crush

Usage: the men of swagger from  the  Caribbean  islands  snatched  a  four­ wicket victory.

10) deleterious (verb) – हानिकारक

Meaning: of harmful, often in a subtle or unexpected way; very great in degree, often with bad or negative repercussions

Synonyms: adverse, detrimental, damaging, noisome, disgusting, depraved,  fiendish

Antonyms: insignificant, inconsequential, trivial, frivolous

Usage: New system has had  deleterious consequences.

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