Rakesh Yadav Class Notes of Maths in English Download

Rakesh Yadav Class Notes of Maths in English

Dear Reader, this notes also provide by classes of Rakesh Yadav, whom I think every candidate already know that how much important their note is. These mathematics notes will help you to pass the examinations like SSC, Railway, SBI etc. It is a combination of arithmetic and advances mathematics. Were arithmetic covers such topics in which people have to use their IQ like same as reasoning and advance mathematics cover mathematical topics.

You can read more about the SSC examinations through our old article here. Below are the chapter details and an android app link where you can download the most important notes.

Chapter Details-

Arithmetic – Volume 1

  1. Time and work (काम और समय)
  2. Pipe and cistern  (पाइप और टंकी)
  3. Time and distance ( समय और दूरी)
  4. Boat and stream (नाव और धारा)
  5. Percentage (प्रतिशत)
  6. Profit and loss (लाभ और हानि)
  7. Mixture and allegation (मिश्रण)
  8. Ratio and Proportion (अनुपात और समानुपात)
  9. Partnership (साझेदारी)
  10. Average (औसत)
  11. Compound interest (चक्रव्रधि ब्याज)
  12. Simple interest (साधारण ब्याज)

Advance Maths Volume -1

  1. Number System and Algebra (संख्या पद्धति और बीजगणित)
  2. HCF and LCM
  3. Geometry (ज्यामिति)
  4. Co-ordinate geometry (निर्देशांक ज्यामिति)
  5. 2D mensuration (क्षेत्रमिति)
  6. 3D mensuration
  7. Trigonometry (त्रिकोणमिति)
  8. Height and distance (ऊंचाई और दूरी)
  9. Data interpretation (सांख्यिकी)

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