The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: Nov Month– Day 2

01) Outcry (noun) –

Meaning: A strong expression of public disapproval or anger; A vehement outburst of a specified feeling or reaction

Synonyms: storm, outpouring, eruption, protest, uproar, clamour

Antonyms: acceptance, approval, calm, peace

Usage: Part of the public outcry about journos is the perception that journos spindoctor their stories.

02) Adumbrate (noun) –

Meaning: To foreshadow vaguely; To physically make unclear or less visible

Synonyms:  obscure, hide, screen, cloak, conceal, augur, foreshadow, prefigure, forecast

Antonyms: illuminate, brighten, lighten, illumine

Usage:  This is an auteur who works from deep within herself to establish a mood, adumbrate a design, build a tempo, and intimate an idea.

03) embellished    (noun) –

Meaning: To make more beautiful or attractive by adorning or decorating; Add more detail concerning what has already been said

Synonyms: adorn, decorate, deck, dress, complicate, develop, amplify, detail, describe

Antonyms: blemish, deface, disfigure, abridge, compress, condense

Usage: Indian  governments  over  several decades,  enthusiastically  embellished    by    a    vibrant,  popular culture.

04) Fortitude (Adj) –

Meaning: Mental or emotional strength that enables courage in the face of adversity;

Synonyms: backbone, grit, guts, pluck, courage, determination, resolution

Antonyms: apathy, cowardice, faint-heartedness, fear, helplessness

Usage: But with amazing resilience and fortitude the man and his players bounced back.

05) Propitiate (noun) –

Meaning:  To assuage the agitation or anger of (someone); To bring into harmony or accord

Synonyms: conform, mediate, adapt, reconcile, appease, placate, mollify, pacify

Antonyms: anger, enflame, enrage, incense

Usage: Since these people used tobacco to propitiate their deities, the herb itself was one of the instruments of godless, false religions.

06) Trod (Adj) –

Meaning: to walk or proceed on foot

Synonyms: walked, paced, strode, stepped, marched

Antonyms: pathless, trackless, untraveled, untraversed

Usage; It took another step, but instead of a paw, an unshod human foot trod upon the ground.

07) Beset (Verb)-

Meaning To cause anguish or distress to; Surrounded or attacked by hostile forces

Synonyms: under fire, battered, beleaguered, besieged, torment, plague, trouble, afflict, harass

Antonyms: aid, assist, clarify, exclude, explain

Usage: He is beset both by theological doubts and by distress at the narrowness and hypocrisy of his colleagues and congregations.

Problems have beset the house of Versace since its founder was murdered seven years ago.

08) Ultimatum (noun) –

Meaning: demand requisition requirement claim importunity; An order or principle that must be obeyed; A statement of an intention to harm someone or something

Synonyms: threat, intimidation, dictate, command

Antonyms: response, answer, reply, return, imprudence, indiscretion

Usage: Instead, he issued an ultimatum to the people who are suffering under this occupation.

09) Creep (noun) –

Meaning: crawl slither worm wriggle; To move or act at a slow speed; To intrude on someone else’s territory, rights, business or personal affairs

Synonyms: encroach, intrude, impinge, infringe, dawdle, dally, linger, delay

Antonyms: give, ignore, respect, keep off

Usage: Others believe that God inspired human beings to write it, thereby allowing errors to creep in.

10) Ensemble (noun) –

Meaning: At the same time; A large unit of things or people; A unit, grouping or configuration of people or things

Synonyms: consort, band, group, array, caboodle, lot, batch, bunch, all together, altogether, as one at once

Antonyms: fraction, individual, part, division

Usage: The result is some of the finest ensemble acting ever found in a weekly television show.

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