English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: May Month – Day 7

1) Paramount (Adjective) – आला दर्जे का

Meaning: more important than anything else; supreme.

Synonyms: uppermost, supreme, chief

Antonyms: least, last, inferior

Usage: “the interests of the child are of paramount importance”

2) Flee (Verb) – भाग जाना

Meaning: run away from a place or situation of danger.

Synonyms: run, run away, run off

Antonyms: arrive, come, continue

Usage: “to escape the fighting, his family fled from their village”

3) Hazardous (Adjective) – जोखिम वाला या खतरनाक

Meaning: risky; dangerous.

Synonyms: unsafe, perilous, precarious

Antonyms: safe, secure, certain

Usage: “we work in hazardous conditions”

4) Overridden (Verb) – अस्वीकृत करना

Meaning: use one’s authority to reject or cancel (a decision, view, etc.).

Synonyms: disallow, overrule, countermand

Antonyms: allow, accept, listen to

Usage: “the courts will ultimately override any objections”

5) Probed (Verb) – थाह लेना

Meaning: physically explore or examine (something) with the hands or an instrument.

Synonyms: examine, feel, feel around

Antonyms: answered, replied, responded

Usage: “hands probed his body from top to bottom”

6) Inevitably (Adverb) – अनिवार्य रूप से

Meaning: as is certain to happen; unavoidably.

Synonyms: naturally, automatically

Antonyms: unnecessarily, evitably

Usage: “inevitably some details are already out of date”

7) Exempt (Adjective) – छूट देना

Meaning: free from an obligation or liability imposed on others.

Synonyms: free from, not liable to

Antonyms: liable to, subject to

Usage: “these patients are exempt from all charges”

8) Flattening (Verb) – समतल करना

Meaning: make or become flat or flatter.

Synonyms: crush, squash, compact

Antonyms: roughen, make uneven

Usage: “her hair had been flattened by the storm”

9) Stringent (Adjective) – कड़ी से कड़ी

Meaning: strict, precise, and exacting.

Synonyms: firm, rigid, rigorous

Antonyms: lenient, flexible

Usage: “stringent guidelines on air pollution”

10) Ousted (Verb) – बेदख़ल करना

Meaning: drive out or expel (someone) from a position or place.

Synonyms:       drive out, expel, force out, throw out

Antonyms: accepted, allowed, appointed

Usage: “the reformists were ousted from power”

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