The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: March Month– Day 6

1) Enthused (Verb) – उत्साहित होना

Meaning: express eager enjoyment, interest, or approval regarding something.

Synonyms: rave, be enthusiastic, gush, wax lyrical

Antonyms: apathetic, indifferent,uneager

Usage: “they both enthused over my new look”

2) Gusto (Noun) — उत्साह

Meaning: enjoyment and enthusiasm in doing something.

Synonyms: enthusiasm, relish, appetite

Antonyms:  apathy, distaste

Usage: “Hawkins tucked into his breakfast with gusto”

3) Ebb (Verb) — धीरे-धीरे कम होना

Meaning: gradually decrease.

Synonyms: diminish, dwindle, wane

Antonyms:  increase, intensify, intensification

Usage: “my enthusiasm was ebbing away”

4) Onus (Noun) – दायित्व या कर्तव्य

Meaning: something that is one’s duty or responsibility.

Synonyms: burden, responsibility, liability

Antonyms: blamelessness, faultlessness, guiltlessness

Usage:”the onus is on you to show that you have suffered loss”

5) Bounty (Noun) — पुनर्विक्रेता, पारिश्रमिक

Meaning: something given or occurring in generous amounts.

Synonyms: recompense, remuneration, commission

Antonyms: meanness

Usage: “bounties were paid to colonial producers of indigo dye”

6) Embark (Noun) — प्रारंभ या शुरुआत

Meaning: begin (a course of action).

Synonyms: begin, start, commence, undertake

Antonyms: disembark, land

Usage: “she embarked on a new career”

7) Depressant (Noun) — अवसाद

Meaning: reducing functional or nervous activity.

Synonyms: sedative, tranquillizer, calmative

Antonyms: stimulant

Usage: a depressant drug

8) Accentuated (Verb) — अधिक ध्यान देने योग्य या प्रमुख बनाना

Meaning: make more noticeable or prominent.

Synonyms: focus attention on, bring/call/draw attention to

Antonyms: mask, divert attention from

Usage:”his jacket unfortunately accentuated his paunch”

9) Fillip (Noun) — प्रोत्साहन

Meaning: something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.

Synonyms:  stimulus, stimulation, stimulant

Antonyms: curb

Usage: “the halving of car tax would provide a fillip to sales”

10) Crimp (Verb) — संपीड़ित करना

Meaning: compress (something) into small folds or ridges.

Synonyms: flute, pleat, corrugate, ruffle

Antonyms: smooth, straighten,flatten

Usage: “she crimped the edge of the pie”

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