The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: June Month – Day 8

1)  exigencies (noun) – एक तत्काल आवश्यकता या मांग

Meaning: an urgent need or demand.

Synonyms: need demand requirement want necessity essential requisite

Antonyms: frivolousness, triviality,  levity, flightiness

Usage:  But here, at home, some courts have not found the time to seek an explanation for the police brutality writ large, but heartlessly shrouded in the exigencies of the Covid-19 lockdown.

2) shrouded (verb) – आवरण या दृश्य से छिपाना

Meaning: cover or envelop so as to conceal from view.

Synonyms: swathe, cloak, obscure disguise

Antonyms: conspicuous, stand out,

Usage: But here, at home, some courts have not found the time to seek an explanation for the police brutality writ large, but heartlessly shrouded in the exigencies of the Covid-19 lockdown.

3) aggrieved (adj) – असंतुष्ट, व्यथित, पीड़ाग्रस्त

Meaning: feeling resentment at having been unfairly treated.

Synonyms: resentful, affronted, indignant, disgruntled, discontented, distressed, anguished

Antonyms: pleased, soothe, placid

Usage: Far from reaching out to the aggrieved student  body, the police have issued notices to dozens of them a

4) cavil (verb) – दोष ढूंढना

Meaning: make petty or unnecessary objections.

Synonyms: complain, grouse, grouch, condemn, decry

Antonyms: sanction, endorse

Usage: There can be no cavil with that proposition.

5) dereliction (noun) – परित्यक्ति

Meaning: The state of having been abandoned and become dilapidated.

Synonyms: Decrepitude, negligence, delinquent,

Antonyms: Fulfillment, satisfied,

Usage:  Former Supreme Court judges took public transport to visit the affected areas and pointed out clear dereliction of duty by the police

6) browbeat (verb) – धमकाना

Meaning: intimidate (someone), typically into doing something, with a stern or abusive words.

Synonyms: bludgeon, intimidate, domineer, subjugate

Antonyms: hamper, impede, hinder,

Usage: The investigation officers are reportedly browbeating  innocent political activists to surrender

7) spree (noun) – अनर्गल गतिविधि का एक जादू या निरंतर अवधि

Meaning: a spell or sustained period of unrestrained activity of a particular kind.

Synonyms: Splurge, binge

Antonyms: rest, disturbance,

Usage: Governments are on a law-making spree

8) missives (noun) – समाचार, बुलेटिन, घोषणा

Meaning: a letter, especially a long or official one.

Synonyms: news, bulletin, announcement.

Antonyms: neglect, silence

Usage:  Elon musk’s latest missives on the social media network was his demand to break up Amazon

9) apportioned  (verb)- विभाजित

Meaning: divide up and share out.

Synonyms: handout, allocate, assign

Antonyms: amass, reassemble, gather, consolidate,  concentrate

Usage: But the fluidic contiguity ( nearby) of peoPioneerple, who chased ambition in one and a comfortable living in the other, has meant that they got blended in a concept called the National Capital Region or (NCR). In other words, lives were apportioned among these extended territories around the power capital.

10) preemptive (verb)  – रिक्तिपूर्व

Meaning: taken as a measure against something possible,

Synonyms: deterrent, protective, precautionary.

Antonyms: permissive, vulnerable, impuissant

Usage: After the LG’s intervention, the Chief Minister and his deputy, Manish Sisodia, reiterated (say something again) the argument and preemptively sought to wash their hands of the worsening situation.

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