The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: June Month – Day 15

1)  Opaque (Adj) – अपारदर्शी

Meaning: Not able to be seen through

Synonyms: non-transparent, clouded, dirty, dingy, dull, smeared, grimy, lusterless

Antonyms: transparent, crystal-clear

Usage:  Telangana has still not ramped up testing numbers adequately and has been opaque in the release of testing data.

2) Hubris (noun) – घमंड, अहंकार

Meaning: lasting for a long time or slow to end. Excessive pride, presumption or arrogance (originally toward the gods)

Synonyms: vanity, arrogance, conceitedness, pride self-importance, haughtiness, contemptuousness,  disdainfulness, vainglory, narcissism

Antonyms: modesty, humility, respect, timidity, shyness, unpretentiousness, meekness

Usage: Nepal’s ability to dare India is a sign of our diminished power and diplomatic hubris.

3) Maxim (adj) – कहावत

Meaning: A pithy expression of a general principle or rule

Synonyms: phrases, shibboleth, epigraph, quotation

Antonyms: activity, execution, doing, implementation, movement, ambiguity

Usage: It is probably a wise maxim in any democracy

4) Snobbery (noun) – असभ्यता का गुण

Meaning: The property or trait of being a snob

Synonyms: arrogancecondescensionpretensionpridesnootiness

Antonyms: respectshynesstimidity, meekness

Usage: It is often subject to elite snobbery.

5) Hounded (verb) – मजबूर या विवश करना

Meaning: To have caused someone to do something, usually against their inclinations

Synonyms: daunted, coerced, compelled, required, induced, obliged, pressed

Antonyms: relaxed, calm, untroubled, happy, collected

Usage:  Both are on display in the way in which anti-CAA protestors are being hounded.

6) Inordinate (Adj) – असामान्य

Meaning: Unreasonable or inappropriate in magnitude

Synonyms: uncurbed, unlimited,  immeasurable,  untempered,  wanton, extortionate,  gratuitous

Antonyms: hesitant, wary, embarrassed, unassertive.

Usage: Most citizens were willing to go to inordinate lengths to support the effort.

7) Pawn (Noun) – जमानत, जमा, वारंटी

Meaning: Something deposited or pledged as a guarantee of the fulfilment of an undertaking or loan

Synonyms: bail, deposit, warranty, indemnity, promise, contract, covenant

Antonyms: uncertainty, breach, jeopardy, exposure.

Usage: Instead of taking responsibility, take the credit and pawn the blame

8) Cogently (Adv) – प्रबलता से

Meaning: In a forceful or powerful manner

Synonyms: coercively, intensely, actively, violently, fiercely.

Antonyms: incredulously, questionably, strangely, unsoundly, inadequately

 Usage:  The Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s perceptive essay in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs cogently spells out the dilemma that confronts Singapore

9) Hegemony (noun)- नायकत्व

Meaning: Domination, influence, or authority over another, especially by one political group over a society.

Synonyms: dominion, stewardship, sway, sovereignty, ascendance

Antonyms: servility, subjection, subservience, yielding, surrender, impotence

Usage: The Indo-Pacific has prospered under American hegemony for the previous 40 years

10) Consternation (noun)  – विस्मय, भ्रम, उन्माद

Meaning: A sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience

Synonyms: astonishment, confusion, hysteria, stupefaction

Antonyms: cheer, felicity, placidity, quiescence

Usage: The shelling and the retaliations along the Line of Control with Pakistan are a matter of consternation.

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