The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: June Month – Day 14

1)  brinkmanship (noun) –  पैंतरेबाज़ी

Meaning: the art or practise of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, especially in politics.

Synonyms: manoeuvring, politicking

Antonyms: tediousness, languor, ennui.

Usage:  After months of brinkmanship, India and Nepal have brought their relations to the edge of a precipice(a very steep rock face or cliff, especially a tall one).

2) flinched (verb) – एक त्वरित, घबराए संचालन करना

Meaning: make a quick, nervous movement, especially as an instinctive reaction to fear, pain, or surprise

Synonyms: winced, cringed, blenched, recoiled, started, quailedquaked

Antonyms: confront, edfaced, forged, met, remained, stayed

Usage: The Modi government has in the past not flinched from taking tough measures, including the 2015 blockade that severely affected India’s landlocked neighbour.

3) forbearance (Noun) – सहनशीलता

Meaning: make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.

Synonyms: tweak, enhance, ease, redress

Antonyms: worsen, deteriorate,

Usage: Since the full lockdown lasted longer than initially envisaged(foresee, predict), and only began to unwind this month, the forbearance on offer was a necessary step.

4) overturned (verb) – पलटना

Meaning: Inverted, so that the top is now at the bottom.

Synonyms: upended, upturned, inverted, reversed, backward, capsized

Antonyms: careful, formal, standard, disciplined, coherent

Usage: His decision, now overturned by the Delhi Lieutenant Governor.

5) tenuous (Adj) – कठिन

Meaning: Very slender or fine

Synonyms: ethereal, narrow, reedy, twiggy, light, insubstantial, dainty, vaporous

Antonyms: substantial, convincing, significant, solid, sound, definite

Usage: This apoliticism of the AAP, however, was always a tenuous claim.

6) whirlwind (Adj) – बवंडर

Meaning: Moving or proceeding with significant speed

Synonyms: headlong, impulsive, dizzy, tumultuous

Antonyms: prepense, vigilant, well-thought-out, apprehensive, reserved

Usage: But the whirlwind unleashed(unravel, reveal, release)  by the Bharatiya Janata Party threw him off balance on his tightrope.

7) purged (Verb) – शुद्ध करना

Meaning: rid of; clean out

Synonyms: evicted, excluded, exterminated, sacked, absolved, cleared out,  forgave

Antonyms: castigated, charged, condemned, constructed, created, dirtied

Usage:  They were purged from the party.

8) metamorphosed (Verb) – कायापलट होना

Meaning: To have become something different

Synonymsevolved, converted, reformed, turned

Antonyms: stalled, stayed, stayed the same, ,clung, hibernated, clinged

Usage:  The IAC was a heterogeneous(diverse in character or content) crowd ranging from non-governmental organisations to the RSS; AAP metamorphosed as majoritarian in instincts and authoritarian in practice. Mr Kejriwal had figured the cocktail that sways politics

9) disenfranchised (Verb)- असुरक्षित, रक्षाहीन होना

Meaning: Lacking sufficient power or strength

Synonyms: vulnerable, defenceless, ineffectual, dependent, feeble, impuissant

Antonyms: strong, mighty, potent, puissant

Usage: He could harvest the sentiments of those disenfranchised and brutalize by the market

10) Feign (verb)  – बहाना करना

Meaning: To make a false show or pretence of

Synonyms: counterfeit, devise, dissemble, forge, fabricate, masquerade, play-act, pose, posture, profess

Antonyms: reveal, be original, show, disclose, divulge

Usage: He feigns humility and claims to listen to the people.

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