The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: July Month – Day 11

01) parsing (noun) –

Meaning:  to place something or someone in a particular context;  to break down into basic elements;

Synonyms: fundamentals decompounding, dividing, pondering, reviewing, scrutinising

Antonyms: isolate obscure, cloud, confuse

Usage: But parsing the num­bers to see what is driving the in­ crease and whether the underly­ing  processes  are  working  well  is key

02) muddied (Adj) –

Meaning: To have made something more complex; to cause to be dirty or soiled; to cause disarray or disorganization in the order of

Synonyms: disorderedjumbled, soiledbegrimed, confusedcomplicated, confounded

Antonyms: transparenttranslucentsimplifieduncomplicatedfacilitated

Usage:  petrochemical indus­try have deliberately muddied the facts and the messaging on climate change

03) obfuscating (verb) –

Meaning:  Make obscure, unclear, or unintelligible

Synonyms: confuse, befog, blur

Antonyms: clarify, illuminate, clear up

Usage: here appears nothing to be gained from deliberately obfuscating the message.

04) vogue (verb) –

Meaning:  The fact or condition of being common, prevalent, or in the majority; A traditional or accepted way of behaving, specific to a particular society, place, or time

Synonyms: prevalencefrequency, customconvention

Antonyms: unfashionableunpopularunstylish

Usage: Cricket’s quirks were also in vogue as the relevance of saliva and sweat in triggering reverse swing,  occupied airwaves and column­ width.

05) Anecdotal   (noun) –

Meaning: Informal; Marked by digression; Depicting small narrative incidents; Occurring occasionally and at irregular intervals

Synonyms: episodic, irregular, intermittent, digressive, rambling, excursive

Antonyms: abstract, austere, continuous, constant, habitual

Usage:  Anecdotal evidence   indi­cates entry ­level  graduate salary is about  15,000 to 20,000, which is amongst the lowest.

06) expunged (verb)-

Meaning: to eliminate completely; to pat lightly and quickly to clean or wipe away; To erase, revoke or strikeout

Synonyms: revoke, recall, rescind, scrub, excoriate, scour, annihilate, eradicate obliterate

Antonyms: build, construct, create

Usage: the conten­tious remarks were subsequently expunged on an application made by the state

07) perpetuity (verb)  –

Meaning: State of being perpetual;

Synonyms: endurance, continuance, eternity, infinity

Antonyms: end, stoppage, impermanence, transience

Usage: consent given for a particular sexual liaison cannot be read as ongoing con­sent, given in perpetuity Liaison – communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.

08) Resilience (Noun) –

Meaning: power or ability to return to original state, position.

Synonyms: Flexibility, pliancy, elasticity, adaptability

Antonyms: fragile, vulnerable, weakness

Usage: The question of the resilience of the Indian health system becomes more Pressing

09) Ingenious (verb) –

Meaning: clever, original, and inventive.

Synonyms: intuitive, sophisticated, trailblazing, pioneering

Antonyms: unskillful, slow, uninventive, unready

Usage: She was ingenious at finding ways to work more quickly.

10) overturned (verb) 

Meaning: Inverted, so that the top is now at the bottom.

Synonyms: upended, upturned, inverted, reversed, backward, capsized

Antonyms: careful, formal, standard, disciplined, coherent

Usage: His decision, now overturned by the Delhi Lieutenant Governor.

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