The Hindu English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: Jan Month– Day 16

1) Pangs (Noun) – तेज दर्द

Meaning: a sudden sharp pain or painful emotion.

Synonyms: pain, sharp pain, shooting pain

Antonyms: relief, cure, healing

Usage: “Lindsey experienced a sharp pang of guilt”

2) Unduly (Adverb) – अनैतिक रूप से

Meaning: to an unwarranted degree; inordinately.

Synonyms: excessively, immoderately, intemperately

Antonyms:duly, appropriately

Usage: “there is no need to be unduly alarmed”

3) Vaulted (Adjective) – मेहराब वाला

Meaning: having a curve or curves

Synonyms: arched, curved, rounded

Antonyms:straight, straightaway

Usage: “an unusual brick vaulted ceiling”

4) Contention (Noun) – असहमति, विवाद

Meaning: heated disagreement.

Synonyms: disagreement, dispute, disputation

Antonyms: agreement

Usage: “the captured territory was the main area of contention between the two countries”

5) Resentment (Noun) – नाराज़गी

Meaning: bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.

Synonyms: bitterness, indignation, irritation

Antonyms: contentment, happiness

Usage: “his resentment at being demoted”

6) Bickering (Verb) – क्षुद्र और तुच्छ मामलों में बहस करना

Meaning: argue about petty and trivial matters.

Synonyms: squabble, argue, quarrel

Antonyms: agree

Usage: “couples who bicker over who gets what from the divorce”

7) Bulwark (Noun) – एक रक्षात्मक दीवार

Meaning: a defensive wall.

Synonyms: wall, rampart, fortification

Antonyms: harm, hurt, injury

Usage: It is not the last outpost of colonialism, but the first bulwark of democracy.

8) Adhesive (Noun) – आसंजक

Meaning: a substance used for sticking objects or materials together; glue.

Synonyms: glue, fixative, gum

Antonyms: loose, open, separated

Usage:”tile adhesive”

9) Sustenance (Noun) – उपजीवन

Meaning: food and drink regarded as a source of strength; nourishment.

Synonyms:nourishment, food, nutriment

Antonyms: deprivation, extras, starvation

Usage: “poor rural economies turned to potatoes for sustenance”

10) Rigour (Noun) – निठरता

Meaning: the quality of being extremely thorough and careful.

Synonyms: meticulousness, thoroughness, carefulness

Antonyms: carelessness

Usage: “his analysis is lacking in rigour”

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