English Vocabulary

Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary: April Month – Day 21

1) Ratified (Verb) – की पुष्टि करना

Meaning: sign or give formal consent to (a treaty, contract, or agreement), making it officially valid.

Synonyms: confirm, approve, sanction

Antonyms: reject, revoke

Usage: “both countries were due to ratify the treaty by the end of the year”

2) Concise (Adjective) – संक्षिप्त

Meaning: giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive.

Synonyms: succinct, short, brief

Antonyms: lengthy, discursive, wordy

Usage: “a concise account of the country’s history”

3) Appalling (Adjective) – भय उत्पन्न करनेवाला

Meaning: causing shock or dismay; horrific.

Synonyms: shocking, horrific, horrifying

Antonyms: comforting, consolatory

Usage: “the cat suffered appalling injuries during the attack”

4) Flinging (Verb) – फेंकना या उछालना

Meaning: throw or hurl forcefully.

Synonyms: throw, toss, sling

Antonyms: keeping, retention

Usage: “he picked up the debris and flung it away”

5) Squashing (Verb) – कुचलना 

Meaning: crush or squeeze (something) with force so that it becomes flat, soft, or out of shape.

Synonyms: crush, squeeze, flatten

Antonyms: coaxing, encouraging, fanning

Usage: “wash and squash the cans before depositing them”

6) Insouciance (Noun) – चिंता का अभाव

Meaning: casual lack of concern; indifference.

Synonyms: nonchalance, unconcern, lack of concern

Antonyms: anxiety, concern

Usage: “an impression of boyish insouciance”

7) Hapless (Adjective) – अभागी

Meaning: unfortunate.

Synonyms: unfortunate, unlucky, luckless

Antonyms: lucky

Usage: “the hapless victims of the disaster”

8) Aggravated (Verb) – बदतर या अधिक गंभीर बनाना 

Meaning: make (a problem, injury, or offence) worse or more serious.

Synonyms: annoy, irritate, exasperate

Antonyms: calm, conciliate

Usage: “military action would only aggravate the situation”

9) Dismal (Adjective) – निराशाजनक

Meaning: causing a mood of gloom or depression.

Synonyms: dingy, dim, dark

Antonyms: bright, cheerful

Usage: “the dismal weather made the late afternoon seem like evening”

10) Solidarity (Noun) – एकजुटता

Meaning: unity or agreement of feeling or action

Synonyms: unanimity, unity, like-mindedness

Antonyms: antagonism, disagreement, discord

Usage: “factory workers voiced solidarity with the striking students”

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