Comprehension Test Series

Comprehension Test Series – 7

Directions to Solve

What needs to be set right is our approach to work. It is a common sight in our country of employees reporting for duty on time and at the same time doing little work. If an assessment is made of time they spent in gossiping, drinking tea, eating “pan” and smoking cigarettes, it will be shocking to know that the time devoted to actual work is negligible. The problem is the standard which the leadership in administration sets for the staff. Forgot the ministers because they mix politics and administration. What do top bureaucrats do? What do the below down officials do? The administration set up remains week mainly because the employees do not have the right example to follow and they are more concerned about being in the good books of the bosses than doing work.

1. The employees in our country

A. are quite punctual but not duty conscious
B. are not punctual, but somehow manage to complete their work
C. are somewhat lazy but good-natured
D. are not very highly qualified

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Correct Answer is Option A

2. According to the writer, the administration in India

A. is by and large effective
B. is very strict and firm
C. is affected by red tape
D. is more or less ineffective

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Correct Answer is Option D

3. The word ‘assessment’ means

A. enquiry
B. report
C. evaluation
D. summary

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Correct Answer is Option C

4. The leadership in administration

A. sets a fine example to the employees
B. is of a reasonably high standard
C. is composed of idealists
D. is of a very poor standard

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Correct Answer is Option D

5. The central idea of passage could be best expressed by the following

A. The employee outlook towards work is justified
B. The employee must change their outlook towards work
C. The employees would never change their work culture
D. The employer-employee relationship is far from healthy

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Correct Answer is Option B

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