Comprehension Test Series

Comprehension Test Series – 5

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Male lions are rather reticent about expanding their energy in hunting more than three quarters of kills are made by lionesses are in front, tensely scanning ahead, the cubs lag playfully behind and the males bring up the rear, walking slowly, their massive heads nodding with each step as if they were bored with the whole matter. But slothfulness may have survival value. With lionesses busy hunting, the males function as guard for the cubs, protecting them particularly from hyenas.

1. According to the passage male lions generally do not go for huntings because

A. they do not like it.
B. they want lioness to get training
C. they wish to save their vigour for other things
D. they are very lazy

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Correct Answer is Option C

2. Male lions protect their cubs

A. from the members of their own species
B. from hyenas only
C. from hyenas as much as from other enemies
D. more from hyenas than from other animals

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Correct Answer is Option D

3. Lioness go for hunting

A. all alone
B. with their male partners only
C. with their cubs and male partners
D. with their cubs only

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Correct Answer is Option C

4. When the lionesses go in search for their prey, they are very

A. serious
B. cautious
C. playful
D. sluggish

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Correct Answer is Option B

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