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Comprehension Test Series – 17

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Nationalism, of course, is a curious phenomenon which at a certain stage in a country’s history gives life, growth and unity but, at the same time, it has a tendency to limit one, because one thinks of one’s country as something different from the rest of world. One’s perceptive changes and one is continuously thinking of one’s own struggles and virtues and failing to the exclusion of other thoughts.

The result is that the same nationalism which is the symbol of growth for a people becomes a symbol of the cessation of that growth in mind. Nationalism, when it becomes successful sometimes goes on spreading in an aggressive way and becomes a danger internationally. Whatever line of thought you follow, you arrive at the conclusion that some kind of balance must be found.

Otherwise, something that was good can turn into evil. Culture, which is essentially good become not only static but aggressive and something that breeds conflict and hatred when looked at from a wrong point of view. How are you find a balance, I don’t know. Apart from the political and economic problems of the age, perhaps, that is the greatest problem today because behind it there is tremendous search for something which it cannot found.

We turn to economic theories because they have undoubted importance. It is folly to talk of culture or even of god. When human beings starve and die. Before one can talk about anything else one must provide the normal essentials of life to human beings. That is where economies come in. Human beings today are not in a mood to tolerate this suffering and starvation and inequality when they see that the burden is not equally shared. Others profit while they only bear the burden.

1. The greatest problem in the middle of the passage refers to the question

A. how to mitigate hardship to human beings
B. how to contain the dangers of aggressive nationalism.
C. how to share the economic burden equally
D. how to curb international hatred

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Correct Answer is Option B

2. Negative national feeling can make a nation

A. selfish
B. self-centred
C. indifferent
D. dangerous

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Correct Answer is Option B

3. Suitable title for this passage can be

A. Nationalism breeds unity
B. Nationalism – a road to world unity
C. Nationalism is not enough
D. Nationalism and national problems

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Correct Answer is Option C

4. ‘Others’ in the last sentence refers to

A. other people
B. other nations
C. other communities
D. other neighbours

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Correct Answer is Option A

5. Aggressive nationalism

A. breeds threat to international relations
B. leads to stunted growth
C. endangers national unity
D. isolates a country

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Correct Answer is Option D

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