Comprehension Test Series

Comprehension Test Series – 16

Directions to Solve

There was a marked difference of quality between the personages who haunted near the bridge of brick and the personages who haunted the far one of stone. Those of the lowest character preferred the former, adjoining the town; they did not mind the glare of the public eye. They had been of no account during their successes; and though they might feel dispirited, they had no sense of shame in their ruin.

Instead of sighing at their adversaries, they spat, and instead of saying the iron had entered into their souls they said they were down in their luck. The miserable’s who would pause on the remoter bridge of a politer stamp person who did not know how to get rid of the weary time.

The eyes of his species were mostly directed over the parapet upon the running water below. While one on the townward bridge did not mind who saw him so and kept his back to the parapet to survey the passer-by, one on this never faced the road, never turned his head at coming foot-steps, but, sensitive on his own condition, watched the current whenever a stranger approached, as if some strange fish interested him, though every finned thing had been poached out of the rivers years before.

1. In this passage the author is trying to

A. explain the difference between the construction of the two bridges
B. describe the way different sections of people like to dress
C. explain the variety of ways in which strangers can be treated
D. describes how people of different classes behaved when unhappy

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Correct Answer is Option D

2. People belonging to lower strata in their moments of distress

A. remembered the days of glory
B. dressed shabbily to earn sympathy
C. visited the brick made the bridge
D. felt ashamed of their failures

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Correct Answer is Option C

3. The attitude of lowly and genteel towards strangers was

A. virtually the same
B. entirely different
C. completely indifferent
D. virulently hostile

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Correct Answer is Option B

4. The bridge of stone was frequented by

A. all the sections of society
B. those fond of fishing
C. the sophisticated but luckless
D. none of the above

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Correct Answer is Option C

5. The two bridges were known

A. for their similar design
B. for being equidistant from town
C. for being haunted places
D. for attracting dejected people to them

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Correct Answer is Option D

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