Comprehension Test Series

Comprehension Test Series – 14

Directions to Solve

Until the end of his first year at school, Cyril retained many of the pleasures and pursuits he had brought with him from home, and he kept an old interest in butterflies and fossils.

His grandmother had presented him with a fine bird’s eggs cabinet, but he could never bring himself to risk in climbing trees. Once or twice he dissected dead birds from sheer determination to overcome his horror of the operation.

Probably it was his envy of those physically unlike himself that brought on a phase during which he drew massive athletes with thick necks and square shoulders. Again he was pitying himself for what he could never be.

1. The reason Why Cyril made drawings of athletes was that

A. though he admired them, he lacked a fine physique himself
B. he loved violent exercises
C. athletics was a passion with him
D. he had to complete an assignment

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Correct Answer is Option A

2. Cyril dissected dead birds to

A. see if he would like to become a doctor
B. please his grandmother
C. satisfy his curiosity
D. overcome the fear of act

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Correct Answer is Option D

3. Until the end of first year, Cyril retained his interest in

A. bird’s eggs
B. butterflies and fossils
C. dissecting bird’s
D. drawing pictures of athletes

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Correct Answer is Option B

4. Cyril did not want to climb trees because he

A. loved to play on the ground
B. was scared of falling down
C. disliked trees
D. thought it was childish

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Correct Answer is Option B

5. Cyril’s early schooling was in some ways like home life because

A. he had all his old friends with him
B. the food and the climate were the same as at home
C. he kept a doing what gave joy and recreation at home
D. his family visited him often

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Correct Answer is Option C

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