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Compendium General English

Friends, As you all know that English is a very useful subject for any exam, many questions are asked in English exams in English grammar. So, friends, we want you to prepare for your exams well and get the job as soon as possible so that we all share study materials here for you all. Friends, all of you can easily download the PDF of this book by clicking on the download button below. This book helps you in numerous exams like- Combined Graduate Level Prel. Exam, CPO Sub-Inspector, Section Officer (Audit), Tax Assistant (Income Tax & Central Excise), Section Officer (Commercial Audit), Statistical Investigators, Combined Graduate Level Tier-I & II, SAS, CISF ASI, CPO ASI & Intelligence officer, FCI, Delhi Police SI etc.

Chapter Details-

1. Some Basic Concepts
2. Syntax
3. Articles
4. Nouns
5. Pronouns
6. Adjectives
7. Adverbs
8. Prepositions
9. Conjunctions
10. Verbs
11. Non-Finite Verbs
12. Time and Tense
13. Active and Passive Voice
14. Direct and Indirect Narration
15. Analysis
16. Synthesis
17. Transformation
18. Formation of Words

19. Antonyms
20. Synonyms
21. Homonyms
22. Paronyms
23. Same Word Used as Different Parts of Speech
24. One-Word Substitution
25. Idioms
26. Idiomatic Phrases
27. The distinction between Similar Expressions
28. Proverbs
29. Expansion: Paragraph-Writing
30. Spellings
31. Punctuation and Capitals
32. Figures of Speech
33. Foreign Words and Phrases
34. The Courtesy Words ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’
35. Greetings and Salutations
36. Dates and Time
37. Comprehension
38. Precis-Writing
39. Paraphrasing
40. Report-Writing
41. Messages
42. Notices
43. Diary-Writing
44. Telegram
45. Letter-Writing

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